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MacBook Pro 16 [A2141]

Ready to give your MacBook a unique look? All-around protective, yet still ultra-thin MacBook case offers the best protection while still maintaining an iconic slim look. A fully functional design makes all the ports easily accessible, so no worries about the charger not making it in time! The computer will remain chill (like you) while working hard on your dreams due to a fully vented case. So just go on, drop that amazing print and enjoy your unique custom MacBook case!

  • All around protective
  • Fully functional
  • Thin build
  • World-Class Plastic
  • Non-Fade Prints
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4 feet for stability

No sliding! That’s right! Superb stability is guaranteed with 4 rubber feet at the bottom. Your laptop will be stable as rock.

All around protection

Sandwiches always fall butter-side down, laptops don’t. All-around protection guarantees a safe landing in any situation.

All ports accessible

Design without functionality? No, thank you. All port are easily accessible. No need to worry about the charger not making it in time.

Fully vented

Computers work hard and don’t like to be overheated. This design offers full potential to release the heat and remain cool.

Logo shines through

Let’s not forget the Apple! This iconic logo shines through bright as your future.

Premium quality

Experience first class quality like never before. Flawless finishing, durability and exceptional feel will leave everyone amazed.

Scratch resistant

Keep the polished look forever! Don’t worry – the surface will remain intact even if a tiger tries to use the laptop.

Slim profile

Bulky computers are the past. Future belongs to slim tech look. You won’t lose the futuristic feel with this case.

Print File Guidelines

We know you want nothing more than to dive in and get creative, but first, admin. Before you create your designs and get your stunning HD product images via our Mock-up Generator, be sure to check out our handy Design Guide. Preparing your files according to the guidelines provided is the best way to get exactly what you want.

  1. Submit your files
  2. We highly recommend you submit your files in PNG or PSD format, with a minimum DPI of 300.
  3. Set to RGB Colour Space
  4. If you want your final images to look good, this small step is super important.
  5. Mind the Safe Print Area
  6. Ensure all important graphical elements are within the safe print area, otherwise, things may get chopped off.
  7. Remember Template GuidelinesWhile we’ve included these to help you, you obviously don’t want them on your final designs! You can easily turn off our guidelines layers. Be sure to do so before saving your files, otherwise they’ll show up on print and look weird. Super weird.


Always, ALWAYS fill our templates up completely! We fully wrap our MacBook cases, so avoid blank spaces.

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  • MacBook Pro 16 [A2141]
  • MacBook Pro 16 2021 [A2485]
  • MacBook Pro 15 [A1990/A1707]
  • MacBook Pro 15 [A1398]
  • MacBook Pro 14 2021 [A2442]
  • MacBook Air 13.6 [A2681]
  • MacBook Pro 13.3 [A2338]
  • MacBook Pro 13 [A2289/A2251]
  • MacBook Pro 13 [A1706/A1708/A2338]
  • MacBook Pro 13 (A1989/A21597)
  • MacBook Pro 13 [A1502/A1425]
  • MacBook Air 15 [A2941]
  • MacBook Air 13 [A1932/A2179/A2337]
  • MacBook Air 13 [A1466/A1369]
  • MacBook Air 11 [A1370/A1465]
  • MacBook 12 [A1534]


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