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Let Podbase manage your custom and branded product needs, from printing & order fulfilment to shipping and keeping your customers happy, while you focus on what brings you the money: Ka-ching!

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What premium products do we print on?

How it works

Podbase is all you need to turn your ideas into an e-commerce business and continuously expand your empire with products that strengthen your brand. The only thing that you will focus will be sales, while we keep everything else running smoothly. The second your customer places an order with you, we get down to business to print high-quality, white-label products and ship them to your customer before they can ask for fries with that.

Easy-Peasy E-Shop Integration

Integrate Podbase in seconds, and create and sell your customized products. It’s so easy to do, a toddler could do it.

The Podbase Factory

Our workers are at the ready. As soon as we receive your order (automatically), we’ll print, package, and ship in a jiffy.

The Proof is in the Pod-ding

We always deliver fully-branded, top-notch products while ensuring prompt deliveries that never disappoint. That’s the Podbase promise.

Money Money Money!

Podbase will help you make more of the green stuff by flawlessly managing your order fulfilment, so you can focus on growing your empire. Ka-ching!

Why us?

We created Podbase with our clients’ needs in mind. Whenever a customer orders a product at your e-commerce store, we will automatically receive it – with your permission, of course – so we can prep it and ship it their way. You’re a seller, after all, meaning you should be able to focus on selling and selling only. Check out these other perks our clients love:

  • Quick Turnaround: 1-3 Days
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Custom Branding Options
  • Exceptional Product Quality
  • Automated Order Processing
  • Easy Replacement

Who's Using Podbase?

“BURGA is a stylish tech accessories brand serving fashion lovers. Selling phone and MacBook cases with printed patterns which can only be seen in the latest fashion shows.”

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