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Your morning coffee was made to be enjoyed. Don’t let a sub-par cup ruin the experience! Perfect for coffee, tea, or whatever floats your boat, this glossy white cup yields vivid prints that will stay stunning even after a go in the dishwasher or microwave. This classically-shaped, durable white ceramic mug features high-quality sublimation printing. The perfect gift for a loved one…or you.

  • AAA-Grade Ceramic
  • 11oz (325ml)
  • Glossy Finish
  • Made in China
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No more messy surprises.


Pop your cup in the dishwasher worry-free.

Safe for even the hottest of coffees.

Your cup will stay in tip-top shape for years to come.

Large “C” Handle.

Hold your mug comfortably. Perfect for coffee lovers no matter how ‘heavy handed’ you are!


Perfect size for all drinks! Not too small, not too large, just on point.

Glossy finish

Shine-alert! This mug is sooo glossy that the print might dazzle you for a second.

Strong white ceramic construction

This mug is built to last. Sturdy frame will survive minor mishaps.

Print File Guidelines

We know you want nothing more than to dive in and get creative, but first, admin. Before you create your designs and get your stunning HD product images via our product generator, be sure to check out our handy Design Guide. Preparing your files in compliance with these guidelines is the best way to get exactly what you want.

  1. Submit your files
  2. We highly recommend you submit your files in PNG or PSD format, with a minimum DPI of 300.
  3. Set to RGB Colour Space
  4. If you want your final images to look good, this little step is super important.
  5. Outline your fonts
  6. Be sure to convert ALL fonts to outlines, UNLESS your graphics are in PNG format. This way, you can skip the need to send us your font files.
  7. Remove all template guidelinesWhile we’ve included these to help you, you obviously don’t want them on your final designs! You can easily turn off our guidelines layers. Be sure to do so before saving your files, otherwise they’ll show up on print and look weird. Super weird.


Seeing as the actual product is relatively small, avoid using tiny details or text. These may print blurry, which can compromise your credibility. Bold lines and graphics are a big “YES!”

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  • 11oz


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