Oh ship. Podbase has gone global!

…Yep, you heard right. We ship anywhere, anytime, to anyone. New York. Johannesburg. Timbuktu. Name the place, and we’ll reach your corner of the world. All shipments are safely packaged to perfection, guaranteed to reach your customers just as you’d expect. You’re welcome.

Shipping Prices

Flat shipping rates, charged per item. Each additional item is charged at a lower shipping rate.

Shipping Speeds

Products are being printed & shipped within 24h after receiving your order, from EU (Lithuania).

ToEconomy DeliveryExpress shipping
3-8 business days via Global Mail
1-3 business days via DHL express
8-14 business days via Global Mail
2-3 business days via DHL express
8-14 business days via Global Mail
2-5 business days via DHL express

Shipping Methods

Courier or post? Find the perfect balance between cost and delivery time.

Manufacturing & Sending Time

Our factory works non-stop to get your order into your customers hands as soon as possible.
Industry-leading 24h turnaround from order received to shipped.


Once you integrate with us, we automatically receive your orders in real time.


Each incoming order is being printed at our in-house factory.


Products are shipped directly to your customer within 24h after receiving the order.

Let’s grow your business together!